Two Indian farmers do Drake’s Kiki challenge – and it’s the best thing we’ve seen all day!

This challenge has taken the internet by storm, with scores of people across the globe – including celebrities – taking part in this potentially dangerous dance trend.

In a video posted on Twitter a Mexican pilot, Alejandra Manriquez, and an air hostess even attempt the Kiki challenge next to a moving plane.

Alejandra is seen pulling the lever of the aircraft before she and the air hostess climb down the steps of the plane and do their version of the Kiki challenge as the plane moves alongside them, Metro reports.

After much debating online about how it was possible to fly the plane without the pilot behind the controls, Alejandra revealed the aircraft was actually being towed out of a hanger when the video was shot.

Inspired by Drake’s track, In My Feelings – from his latest album, Scorpion – the challenge often involves people climbing out of a slow-moving vehicle and performing funny dance moves to the lyrics of the song.

The challenge – also referred to as the “Do the Shiggy dance” – was started by American comedian Shiggy (25) on 30 June 30. He was filmed dancing to the song in a street while wearing a tracksuit and pretending to steer a car as the line “Are you riding” plays in the background, The Sun reports.

After the 25-year-old posted the video on his Instagram page the hastags #InMyFeelings and #DotheShiggy were shared more than 2,5 million times, Highsnobiety reports.

Drake personally thanked the comedian after the track hit No 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

One of the funniest Kiki challenge videos is of two Indian farmers dancing next to cattle in the mud as the song plays in the background.


Scores of celebrities, including Will Smith and Ciara, have joined in on the popular internet trend, but police around the world have warned against the challenge as many people have injured themselves while attempting to do the dance, The Guardian reports.

Videos shared online show people hurting themselves by crashing head-first into poles, falling out of cars and tripping on potholes. One woman even got her bag stolen while attempting the challenge.

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