Vengeful British builder demolishes cottages worth R46 million

A builder in Buntingford, Hertfordshire, demolished five newly built cottages after a dispute over his payment for the job, Mirror reports

Daniel Neagu (30) from Harrow is due to appear at Hatfield Magistrates court today charged with causing criminal damage.

Bewildered neighbours claim that the builder, 30-year-old Daniel Neague, laughed as he bulldozed the empty bungalows – snapping pics of the destruction he caused.

Neighbours who feared their homes were next confronted him, but he told them he was only targeting the cottages he’d worked on, The Sun reports.

Elaine Francois (61), the neighbour who called the police, said: “It looks like an earthquake or bomb struck.

“When police got here he told them he wasn’t paid and that’s why he did it. He was totally calm,” she told Metro.

William Griffiths (67), another neighbour and former bricklayer, said, “He got out of the digger and I thought, ‘Great, he’s stopped.’ But he got back to carry on. He seemed happy. ‘When police took him away in cuffs he caused no trouble’.”

Hertfordshire police released a statement saying, “We’ve had lots of interest about yesterday’s incident in Buntingford. The offender is still in custody whilst enquiries continue.”

Sources: Metro, The Sun, Mirror