WATCH: Argentina’s handless barber refuses to be held back

Although Gabriel Heredia was born without forearms, that hasn’t stopped him from following his dreams.

Gabriel, who works in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires, says at first hairdressing was just something he was curious about, reports BBC News.

“One day I started cutting my friends’ and my brothers’ hair. I enjoyed doing it and each time I did, I got better at it.”

With the support from his family and friends, he was eventually able to make a career out of it.

Gabriel says most people are initially scared of having him cut their hair.

“There are people who, when they see me, aren’t very excited to get their hair cut but when they see the finished product, they’re speechless.”

He’s determined not to let his disability hold him back, saying, “We put our own limits on ourselves and on the things we want to achieve.”

Sources: BBC News