WATCH: Bizarre video shows man licking a California home's intercom button

A man was caught on camera licking the intercom button of a house in Salinas, California.

He's since been identified as 33-year-old Roberto Daniel Arroyo.

Homeowner Sylvia Dungan told KION-TV she and her husband, David, were out of town at the time of the incident but their adults kids were at home.

Their security system alerts them whenever there's motion detected around their front door. When David initially saw the various alerts he thought it was his stepson returning from work.

"I thought, 'Boy there's a lot of traffic. My son doesn't get home till 6am. Well, then who the heck is that?"

Upon viewing the footage the Dungans immediately called the police, who used the video to identify and apprehend the perpetrator, who've they've encountered several times previously.

"You kind of laugh about it afterwards because technically he didn't do anything," Sylvia said.

"This just kind of reinforces how important it is to have security within your home."

Neighbours were just as baffled as the Dungans.

"I thought I'd seen it all, but this takes the cake," neighbour Francisco Javier Estrada told KION-TV.

Roberto was also seen urinating and moving an extension cord, according to Metro.

Police said he could be charged with misdemeanour charges of petty theft and prowling.


Sources: KION-TV, Metro, The Mirror