WATCH: Employees of salon attack customers after alleged botched brow job

A viral video has sparked a protest outside a nail salon in Brooklyn, New York.

Almost 100 demonstrators were marching and chanting, “Shut them down!” and “No money! No toes! No nails!” outside 888 Happy Red Apple Nails after the video which showed employees of the salon beating up customers was posted on social media.

The video which was posted by 4ourPeople showed two workers attacking the customers with broomsticks as they run out the door. According to BET, a bystander Mercy Maduka, who posted the cellphone footage online, claimed that the altercation began when the grandmother didn’t like how one of her granddaughter’s eyebrows were waxed and refused to pay resulting in her and another customer being beat by salon employees.

Watch the video below:

During the protest which occurred Monday, people in the crowd threw bottles, shoes and other objects while cops led the store owner and a female employee to an unmarked police cruiser. The pair were driven to the 67th Precinct to talk to investigators reported the New York Post.

According to Global Grind, the police have made two arrests. Huiyue Zhing, an employee of the salon, faces charges of misdemeanour menacing, misdemeanour criminal possession of a weapon and harassment. She was allegedly the one who beat customer Christina Thomas with a broom, resulting in a injury to Christina’s neck and an injury to her back.

Christina also faces charges including misdemeanour assault, misdemeanour menacing and harassment. She allegedly punched and slapped someone, dragging them over the floor. Huiyue was hospitalized with injuries to her face and body, while Christina refused medical treatment, according to the police.

Activist Jasmine Johnson protested on Facebook saying the liquid thrown in the video was acetone, the primary ingredient in nail polish remover.

SOURCES: BET, New York Post, Global Grind