Watch: Moment 2-metre long snake is found in London street

There was a small measure of pandemonium on Monday in London’s Stepney Street when pedestrians spotted a 2-metre long snake.

The colourful milk snake, weighing in at 1,5kg, was spotted at around 09:55.

Members of the public flagged down police, who alerted the RSPCA.

The snake, which isn't endemic to England and is therefore thought to be an escaped pet, was caught safely in the borough of Tower Hamlets, in East London. It's said to be in a healthy condition.

The Lampropeltis triangulum snake, commonly known as a milk snake, isn't venomous and is usually active at night.

Tower Hamlets police tweeted that the reptile with its black, red and yellow rings is in good condition and appears well looked after.

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