WATCH: Top 5 world news videos today

1. Jeremy Hunt mistakes his Chinese wife's nationality

Jeremy Hunt admitted to a "terrible mistake" after describing his Chinese wife as Japanese during a diplomatic mission to Beijing.

2. Sinn Fein leader opposes Irish unity vote while Brexit impasse remains

A poll on Irish unity should not be held while uncertainty around Brexit remains, the leader of Sinn Fein has warned.

3. Harley Davidson to launch first electric motorbike

Legendary bike maker Harley Davidson has unveiled plans to launch an electric motorcycle next year, along with a host of radical new models. Harley Davidson says it will introduce an adventure bike, sports naked models and a range of urban mobility e-bikes.

4. Why is Turkey investing in Somalia?

Turkey has been helping rebuild Somalia for almost a decade now - a war-torn and famine-ridden African nation. But why?

5. Tigers celebrate birthday at Oklahoma City Zoo

Tigers at Oklahoma City Zoo celebrate their first birthday with presents and ice cake. Eko, Ramah, Gusti and Zoya all have their birthdays in July and shared a party at the zoo.