WATCH: Top 5 world news videos today


1. 'Flames and smoke engulfed the aircraft'

One of the survivors of the Mexico plane crash speaks about the smoke and flames on the plane.


2. Prosecutors press financial fraud case against Trump ex-aide Manafort

The prosecution Thursday continuing to hammer Paul Manafort for his wild spending habits, showing jurors exhibits like this $15,000 ostrich jacket Manafort bought with money that prosecutors say he hid in foreign banks from the IRS.


3. Shop assistant recalls moment he ripped GBP58m lottery ticket in two

A shop assistant recalls the moment he ripped Fred Higgins's jackpot-winning lottery ticket in two and has told of his amazement at the scale of the prize.


4. Apple hits $1 trillion valuation

It's official. Apple has become the first $1 trillion publicly listed US company. Started in Steve Jobs' garage in 1976, Apple evolved from selling Mac personal computers to launching the iPhone in 2007 and becoming an architect of the mobile revolution.


5. How many days have the royals worked this year?

A look at how many days the royals have worked in 2018.