WATCH: Top 5 world news videos today

Trump on hush payments: They are not a campaign violation

US President Donald Trump is defending the hush money payments made by his former attorney Michael Cohen to a pair of women, insisting, contrary to Cohen's guilty plea, that the effort wasn't "even a campaign violation".

Helicopter crash caught on camera in Arkansas

New video has been released of a police helicopter crashing in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Iran threatens US, Israel targets, if attacked

Iran says it would strike U.S. and Israeli targets if attacked by the US - part of a war of words that's been escalating since Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Drastic new security measures in US schools

Many schools are introducing new tactics to try to prevent shootings - but do they have any chance of keeping pupils safe?

What's hot at Europe's biggest gaming convention

Germany's Gamescom convention has seen the industry place more resources into "play anywhere" products, as this year mobile devices surpassed computers and dedicated consoles as a share of global revenue.