WATCH: Top 5 world news videos today

1. Hurricane Lane dumps torrential rains on Hawaii

High winds and torrential rains from Hurricane Lane pounded Hawaii on Thursday, touching off flash floods, landslides and heavy surf. Lane is still churning in the Pacific Ocean some 200 miles of Kailua-Kona and it's still classified as a powerful Category 4 storm packing wind speed of 130 miles per hour. And the latest predictions show the eye of the storm veering just west of the islands on Friday before turning back out to sea, but forecasters warned that the island could still expect to be hit hard by the erratic hurricane.

2. Trump weighs into South Africa's contested issue of land reform

US President Donald Trump is wading into a debate over the highly disproportionate ownership of land by whites in South Africa. Pretoria rejects his claim of "large scale killing of farmers". 

3. Trump ignores questions on Manafort pardon

US President Donald Trump on Thursday ignored questions on whether he would pardon his convicted former campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

4. Aussie politics: Welcome to the jungle

Australia has had four changes of prime minister over the past eight years.

5. Meet the coffee-making robot at Selfridges

A coffee-making robot is the newest addition to Selfridges' Smartech store. Smartech has more than doubled in size going from 45 to 100 sq metres.