WATCH: Top 5 world news videos today

1. Trump claims NBC 'fudged' his tape on Comey firing

Potentially one of the more damning moments of Trump's presidency was his interview with Lester Holt last year, when he appeared to confirm that he fired James Comey As head of the FBI because of the Russia investigation.

2. Pope accuser denies personal vendetta

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the former top Vatican official who accused Pope Francis of knowing about sexual misconduct by a cardinal for years and doing nothing about it - denies the accusations are driven by a vendetta.

3. Theresa May dances with Scouts in Nairobi

Theresa May engaged in some more 'dance floor diplomacy' during her visit to Kenya on Thursday, after she was spotted bopping along to a dance led by a group of scouts in Nairobi.

4. 'Blind mosquitoes' invade Russian port city

Swarms of non-biting midges invaded the port city of Taganrog on August 18, leaving roads and sidewalks covered with a slippery layer.

5. UK's Dyson pushes ahead with electric car plans

James Dyson, billionaire British inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner, outlined plans to build new testing facilities and invest another 116 million pounds ($150 million) to develop an electric car.