Woman dies attempting home birth after watching YouTube videos

An Indian woman died when she attempted having a home birth after watching YouTube videos on childbirth.

The twenty-eight-year-old teacher, identified as Krithiga from Rathinagireeswar Nagar in Tamil Nadu state in India, decided to stay home with her husband, Karthigeyan, to give birth on Sunday 22 July.

She reportedly gave birth to a healthy baby but later died from complications she and her husband weren’t equipped to deal with.

Karthigeyan, who has no medical experience, currently works in a factory.

The couple, who has a three-year-old daughter, felt confident the YouTube home birth videos were enough to allow them to deal with their second child’s birth on their own.

The Tirupur Rural Police revealed the video tutorial, titled “how to help pregnant women”, apparently doesn’t detail what to do when the placenta isn’t shed during delivery.

As a result of this complication, which a trained medic would’ve been able to deal with, Krithiga bled to death.

"The contractions began at 2pm but she was taken to the government hospital only later after the baby was born. The husband will be investigated in connection with the death,” a police spokesperson said.

He added that the couple had apparently been influenced by friends who believed in natural medicine.

They also reportedly failed to register Krithiga’s pregnancy.

Source: Magazine Features