Woman left fighting for her life after bicycle hit-and-run

A British woman was left seriously injured after she was knocked over by a cyclist riding an electric-assisted bike.

The 56-year-old, from Dalston in England, was crossing a street during peak-hour traffic on Tuesday when the incident occurred, Metro reports.

She reportedly sustained life-threatening injuries.

Police said the cyclist, a 30-year-old male, initially stopped after falling off his bike but then quickly fled the scene, Mirror reports. It’s believed he ditched his bike kilometres away from the accident scene.

The bicycle, a specialised electric-assisted mountain bike, was later found abandoned in Stoke Newington in north-east London.

A manhunt was launched and the suspect was arrested on Wednesday at a north London address after he’d contacted the police.

Detective Constable Darren Case said it was a shocking incident.

Caleb Graba (30), whose office is located next to where the incident occurred, said, “My colleague went to the back of the office and got a towel so the lady could rest her head. She was bleeding from her mouth and was motionless.

“The guy who caused the accident was on the floor and was a bit dazed for a couple of minutes,” he added.

“Even though he was bleeding from the head, instead of waiting for the police to come back, he ran off.”

The suspect was arrested for allegedly causing bodily harm under Section 35 of the Offence Against Person Act, which covers incidents of injuring persons by “furious driving”.

He was also held on suspicion of not reporting the incident, reports Telegraph.

According to police, the woman is still in hospital where she’s being treated for serious injuries caused by the incident.

Sources: Telegraph, Mirror, Metro